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There's a Woman Out There Who Started Me

She was 17 when I fell into the doctor’s hands. I’m told the nurse treated her like a leper. In small town west Texas, you go to hell for having a child out of wedlock — and double hell if you’re in high school.

My father wanted to do the right thing. They eventually got married but it only lasted a year. Their divorce was for the best, but they wouldn’t know it for a few years.

She was 21 when my sister fell into the doctor’s hands. I don’t know how that nurse treated her. My sister’s father stuck around for only a handful of years.

That’s when her fire started…


Bachelor’s degree.

Master’s Degree.

…all while working full-time and raising 2 kids.

We lost time with her.

I used to resent her for that. But now I understand. She had to get us out.She had to be the branch in her family tree that actually produced fruit. She had to show us we were better than the childhood she had.

These Days

Both of her kids are out of the house. We’re both just as ambitious and independent as her.

She travels when she pleases. Stays in hotel rooms that are probably bigger than the single-wide trailer she grew up in. She once treated my wife and I to a cruise just because she wanted us to have some fun. I fully plan on treating her one day…if she’d let me.

 always doing cool stuff

always doing cool stuff

She lives exactly how she wants — with very few gatekeepers. She gives freely and generously. Her favorite thing to do is give gifts.

She’s got that perfect combination of Texas charm, pragmatism, and independence.

This is the woman who started me. And I love her endlessly.