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Sometimes Creativity is Worthless

Creativity is touted as an ultimate mind-resource. And I suppose it's justified. Without creativity, humans would have died off as quickly as we came. Luckily we were given brains that could envision tools and dexterous hands that could actually fashion them.

So okay, creativity is one of your most powerful mind-resources. Now if only someone could teach you how to tap into it...

Oh wait, there are thousands of books and articles about creativity, how to manage it, how to get it, how to never lose it, and so on. See this Amazon search and this search on Medium.

Small sample size I know, but you get the idea.

Are there times when your creativity is worthless?

I'm not sure if all those books and articles ever talk about when creativity is worthless. Of course, I'd have to read every single one to know for sure. But the general message I see is this: Creativity is everything. If you've got it, you'll be set. If you need to get it, here's how.

That's just not accurate. Here are some times when creativity is worthless:

1. When you can't choose a creative vision

What good are a flood of creative ideas if you can never choose and stick with a creative vision. The end result almost always ends up a muddled mix of ideas and concepts because you couldn't focus on the single, best idea. Fight for the best idea and squeeze it tight.

2. When you don't Do The Work

A knockout creative vision is worthless if you never put your hands on it. The mind visualizes. The hands mold. Think of a sculptor who sees his statue inside a hunk of marble. He can see it all he wants, but none of that matters until starts chiseling.

3. When you create in a vacuum

Outside perspectives (trusted ones) can be valuable assets for your vision. Sometimes creative folks get so attached to their vision that they can't see its weaknesses. Fresh eyes (again, trusted ones) can bring equally fresh life to a creative vision that you previously overlooked.