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Nurturing Your Most Valuable Asset

What’s your most valuable asset? What’s the one thing that, if you lost it, you’d be worthless, finished, all washed up?

It's not your domain name, your air-tight business plan, your Google search rank, your email list, your Twitter followers.

It's not even your staff, or building, or investment capital.

It's not even your time. You don't know how much of that you have anyways, so why try to count on it?

Asset Defined...

"A resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide future benefit." – (Investopedia)

Based on that definition, you're most valuable asset is yourself – your mind, body, soul.

If You Don't Read...

Then you're crushing your mind. And I'm not talking about reading only books that deal with your specific enterprise. Read anything/everything that piques interest. Hint: You don't even have to finish it.

If You Don't Rest...

Then you're crushing your soul. Take 1 whole day off every week. Take 1 whole month off from social media. When you vacation, actually vacation.

I'm terrible at this because my projects are so much fun to work on. They feel like leisure time!

But I've also experienced burnout because I've refused to rest. I would drown myself in research, marketing ideas, content production, coding, design. Even the most fun projects can kill you.

If You Don't Sweat...

Then you're crushing your body. I hate working out just to work out. So I play basketball as often as possible. After you get your heart rate up, you'll be amazed at the kind of 180° turn your mind will make. You'll be flooded with new ideas, positive emotions, and creative solutions to tough problems. Try it.

Both in seasons of abundance and scarcity, successful folks manage their assets well. Nurture yourself.