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Meeting Defiance

Sometimes I’m very negative. I can’t understand how anybody ever accomplishes anything. They must be cheating.

You, who are trying to create, make an impact, change your life — there’s a hoard rising up against you.

Steven Pressfield calls this hoard “The Resistance”. Seth Godin calls it “The Dip”.

I call it Defiance. But it’s all the same. The point is there's a villain out there. It wants to steal your passion:

  • Self-doubt/fear of others
  • Perceived lack of energy
  • Netflix, social media, even books and research
  • Perceived lack of time

Those agents of Defiance really want to keep you down, lazy, sterile.

And yet I know some of you will still create. You will accomplish. You will meet Defiance with your own, scarier Defiance.

I want to be more like you