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Improve this 1 Thing, Earn the Next Level of Success

There’s this book by Dale Carnegie called “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. It has exposed 1 of my greatest weaknesses.

I know, the title feels a little scammy. But just check the bookshelves of any successful business person, and you’ll likely find this work. The 1st edition came out in 1936, but it’s stuck around for a reason.

Your level of success, whatever that looks like to you, in whatever you pursue, is a direct product of how well you deal with people.

The lessons in this book have shown me why I’ve plateaued professionally. The way I deal with people has gotten me this far, but it’s no longer good enough to get me where I want to be next.

I handle people well enough to get a decent job, earn some freelance clients, and not get into fistfights every day. But what’s next?

What’s next is starting my own businesses. What’s next is building my own dreams, not someone else’s.