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Work Availability

Available now for a full-time role or freelance. Let's talk: contact@spencerortega.com


Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch for producing visual designs

Sublime Text for HTML/CSS markup

Invision and Marvel for prototyping and collaboration

Dropbox for file management

Moleskine notebooks for sketching, taking notes, and journaling

VenqueTimbuk2, and Minaal bags for transporting and protecting my livelihood

Palace Coffee, Evocation, Tweed, Stumptown for liquid anxiety

My Nitty-Gritty

I've been a professional designer for over 3 years. Most recently, I was a UI/UX designer on the I Will Teach You to be Rich team. Now I'm looking for a new inspiring team with fresh creative challenges.

My specialty leans more towards the visual side of UI and web design. Though I do have some experience in the weeds doing user research and testing. 

I also have experience creating social media graphics, digital marketing assets, and traditional print materials.

My design philosophy: Strive for work that's clear, systematic, and soulful.

I currently live in Amarillo, TX, but have eyes for Austin, Denver, NYC, or Chicago.

What I Can Contribute

1. I have 3+ years of professional design experience spread across both digital and print roles. My favorite projects always involve developing, maintaining, and iterating a brand's design language/system.

2. Most of my experience has been earned under remote-work arrangements. I've learned how to work independently to meet deadlines, and also how to communicate early-and-often to ensure efficient collaboration.

3. I thrive in dynamic, agile environments where I'm responsible for a wide variety of design projects.

Most Important Stuff (to me anyways)

I've been in love with Lara Ortega since 2009, and we've been married since 2012. She thought it'd be okay to bring some strange dog into the marriage. Turns out I kind of love the dog. So that's a plus.

Friends and family come first.

Me Being Extra

I get obsessively curious about different creative practices at random times. One month I might devote personal time to writing music (my first love).

Another month I could be obsessed with learning how to produce videos. And the next month I might be REALLY into analyzing J.D. Salinger novels.

Basically: I love to push myself and learn as much as I can about...well, everything. So I'm often found reading books, watching tutorials, and tinkering with side-projects.

And whenever I want to shut my brain off, I watch sports, play basketball or golf, lift weights, and tell jokes with my wife.