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Work Availability

Currently unavailable, sorry


Photoshop and Sketch for visual design

Sublime Text for HTML/CSS markup

Invision and Marvel for prototyping and collaboration

Dropbox for file management

Moleskine notebooks for sketching, taking notes, and journaling

VenqueTimbuk2, and Minaal bags for transporting and protecting my livelihood

Palace Coffee, Evocation, Tweed, Stumptown for liquid anxiety

Sony RX100V for capturing photos and videos.


I started this design studio back in 2013. That seems like an eternity ago in internet time.

Back then, I spent my days building simple websites for smaller brands. And at night I was teaching myself graphic design so I could grow as a creative, and also complement my web design offerings.

During the past 4 years I'm proud to have earned assignments from major brands like I Will Teach You to be RichMood Media, and The Camp Eagle Family of Camps.



What's Most Important

I've been in love with Lara Ortega since 2009, and we've been married since 2012. She thought it'd be okay to bring some strange dog into the marriage. Turns out I kind of like the dog. So that's a plus.

Friends and family always come first.


My family is based in Austin, TX. We'll probably live here forever and grow a family tree.

I escape through 4 things: reading books, making music, writing stories, and shooting photos.  

And whenever I want to get hype: I yell at my favorite sports teams on tv, lift heavy weights, and play basketball.